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Key Club is an international student-led organization for high school students focused on community service. Members around the world are learning how to lead and stand for what’s right through service and volunteerism. We are a community who seeks to make the world a better place. The Key Club experience is unlike any other, it teaches the most important life skills a developing young leader needs. We foster a sense of togetherness, compassion, ambitiousness, and so much more through our acts of service — all with the intention of changing our world.

So, how does one division help influence the world that we live in? Click the buttons to find out!


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Members are at the core of Key Club and is the largest governing body of our organization. Division, District, and International leaders make up only a small part of what makes Key Club so special. We follow an inverted pyramid structure with members on top. With this in mind, we like to frequently recognize our hard working members, officers, clubs, and advisors for their dedication for service and bettering our communities.

Every month, Division 2 North recognizes a member, officer, club, and advisor for their passion to serve. Click the button below to see who this month's recognized winners are! 

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